what’s this all about?

We have to fix English.

There may be any number of reasons, students could be graduating from educational institutions nearly illiterate. I would also argue that you are seeing a lot of marginal literacy which you would not have seen before the world wide web. Things may not necessarily be worse. In the case of English, however, it’s more conspicuous because of the language’s widespread use. Further, since email, instant messaging, online chatting, and other such forms of communication are becoming more common, more people are “writing”.

I’ve noticed the glaringly obvious incorrect use of the English language in public spaces. You will find this nowadays in all sorts of places where you would think the published material would be properly proofread and tested for correctness.

In the North American case at least, you can see an informality the use of the English language. It’s almost politically inappropriate to seem too correct or refined these days. People who are careless about using our language correctly, simply don’t have any reason to care. Their work probably doesn’t rely on their spelling abilities. Their social circles don’t require perfect grammar either. So, spelling and grammar are an exercise in futility.

There are contributing factors to this – and – public school systems are mostly lacking, children don’t read enough, parents aren’t speaking properly at the home, text speak is far too common among the youth. If fewer people appreciate correct grammar and proper spelling, it is going to be harder for you to learn this in turn.

My name’s Loic and one blog posting at a time we’ll uncover the obvious errors in published works of all types everywhere and hopefully, a drop in the ocean will eventually create a small ripple effect.

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